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Stress management

Sometimes we feel lost and rootless in our life. We lose balance, ignore our intuition and our mind will take the lead. Our body is super smart and will always do anything to be heard. Headache, chronic pain, frequent sickness, digestive issues, decreased energy and insomnia. Stress has a wide range of symptoms. When we chose to stay in situations that’s not serving us our inner voice start to fade away. Eventually it shouts down. 

My sessions are whole body focused. I use different kind of techniques that helps you develop a stronger sense of self and help you come back to your own body so that you can gain a deeper sense of meaning and your power of choice in your present life.  

Sessions always look different depending on your needs. It integrates talking, mindfulness, breathing and meditation techniques, holistic health and intuitive healing work to release obstructions in your body and life.


60 min 650 SEK

Spiritual readings

You are the creator of your life as you are now experiencing it.

This is an invitation for you to expand into greater awareness of your divinity. See the potential you carry, the possibilities open to you and the avenues you have decided to use within this life within present time. Receive a greater understanding that all of the interactions within your life are an opportunity for increased expansion and awareness of yourself as Source in form. From the vantage point, we are able to focus your attention to more aptly express that which you initially appointed as the commission of this lifetime. You are divine.


75-90 MIN 850 SEK



Fully body focused healing and coaching that supports and guide you to release stagnation in your body for a life in flow.  My intention is to support and guide you in your process to re-remembering and find you way back home to yourself so you can hear your intuition vibrate loud and clear again.

60 min 650 SEK


group Sessions, lectures and work shops

I offer different kind of sessions for individuals and business. Lectures on stress management, spiritual circles, group meditation and free movement workshops.

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